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In Sanskrit, Saturn is called Shani. Saturn commands us to get to work and to work hard. Discipline and responsibility are important to this planet.Mythically saturn is the son of Lord Surya and his wife Chhyaya(Shadow). Saturrn has strange relations with his father Sun. Saturn is considered a malefic planet in astrology.But when placed in beneficial sign or house. he bestows a person with great wealth and fame.In adverse conditions this planet gives losses and sorrows.
How to impress Shani Dev
Saturn is a planet of Karma as he presides over our actions. Accordingly, he punishes bad deeds and rewards good deeds. As a strict taskmaster, through punishment, he teaches patience, discipline, effort and endurance in difficult times. He also inspires one to perform good deeds in the present birth.
Position of Saturn in a Horoscope
Saturn was installed as a planet that will govern karma and dharma in a horoscope. He will enter one`s horoscope as the karmic Guru and will ensure one learns the life lessons and pass the tests.
Saturn symbolizes struggle and under his influence one is said to face the toughest challenges and hardships. He causes adverse effects on a native when he occupies positions in a horoscope like:
Saturn in the 12th, 1st and 2nd house from the Moon, which is seven and a half years called Sade Sati.
Saturn in 8th house from the Moon called Ashtama Shani.
Saturn in the 4th house called Ardha Ashtama Shani.
Ways to please Shani
To ward off the evil effects of Saturn or Shani caused by the cycles of Saturn, one must propitiate him through many ways. One`s problems and struggles can be overcome through sincere prayers to him.
Worship of Deities
Worship of Hanuman especially, Dakshinamukhi Hanuman or south facing Hanuman is a best way to attract the blessings of Saturn.
Kalabhairava should be worshipped to get protection from Saturn`s ill effects when he transits the lagna as it causes financial difficulties, dental problems and health problems. Saturn will be pleased when prayers are offered to Bhairava form of Shiva.
Regular worship to Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy, Tirupati Lord Venkateshwara helps one get protection from the evil effects of Saturn and attracts the blessings of Saturn too.
Saturn is a great devotee of Lord Vishnu. Worshipping Lord Vishnu with bija mantras will purify the bad effects caused due to ill placed Saturn in the horoscope.
Om Shreem Vishnave Namaha – This mantra dispels negativity and helps attract a good spouse.
Om Kleem Vishnave Namaha – When Saturn is afflicted in the 7th house this mantra should be recited. It helps fulfill one`s desires.
Om Hreem Vishnave Namaha –To strengthen one`s career, this mantra has to be recited.
On New Moon days one must worship Goddess Kali with red hibiscus flowers to mitigate the sufferings caused by Saturn and earn his grace.
Mantra chanting as astrological remedy to propitiate Saturn
When Saturn is placed in the 8th house, then “Om Namo Narayanaya“must be chanted to secure protection against evil.
If Saturn is weakly placed in a chart and if one has to strengthen the position of Saturn, then one must recite: “Om Sanischaraya Namaha”.
“Neelaanjana samaabhaasam (To the color of brilliant dark blue)
Ravi-putram Yama-agrajam (Son of Surya, elder brother, agraj, of Yama)
Chhaya-Maartanda sambhootam (Son of Chhaya and Surya)
Tam namaami Shanaishcharam “(We offer our obeisance)
Regular chanting of this mantra is the best way to propitiate the planet and it will also strengthen the position of Saturn in one`s horoscope.
Saturday worship for pleasing Shani
Reading of Hanuman Chalisa on Saturdays helps one to escape from the ill effects of the planet.
Make curd rice with cumin and offer it to Saturn in a temple on Saturdays and then feed crows with it.
Fasting on Saturdays from sunrise to sunset with only liquids will please him the most.
Donate black sesame on Saturdays or light a til oil lamp to Saturn on Saturdays.
Feeding handicapped people on Saturdays pleases Saturn the most.
Offer til oil lamp under a peepal tree on Saturday mornings and recite the Shani Stuti:
Konastha pingalobabhruh Krishnoroudraantakoyamah
Souri, shanaischaro mandah pippaladishu sansthisah
Shami tree also known as khejari or saangri is associated with Saturn. One should light a lamp of mustard oil on Saturdays under this tree to please Saturn
Temple Visits to earn Saturn`s grace
Visit to famous Shani temples once every two and a half years will bring manifold blessings. Temple at Shingapur in Maharashtra, Tirunallar near Karaikal in Tamilnadu are important Shani shrines to pay visit.
Saturn is a planet which governs the working class. Hence, one should treat servants, workers, those low in position with respect and dignity and pay them duly to earn the blessings of Saturn.